Tenaris presents its digital solutions and coiled tubing services in Argentina

In the first virtual edition of the Digital Revolution Conference by the Argentine Oil and Gas Institute (IAPG), Tenaris experts presented the company’s digital solutions in a virtual commercial presentation: Rig Direct® Portal, PipeTracer®, Marketplace, and the company’s new coiled tubing services in Argentina.

Alejandro Lammertyn, Tenaris Chief Digital & Information Officer, discussed the digital integration of Tenaris’s value chain as an opportunity to facilitate remotely managing customer relationships and optimize costs at the same time.

“The industry needs a digital revolution, and Tenaris is ready for the challenge,” said Lammertyn. “There are many opportunities to improve efficiency, optimize processes and costs.”

On the commercial presentation, the first modules focused on Tenaris’s Digital Box: the Marketplace in Argentina, Rig Direct® Portal, and PipeTracer®, and also the use of technologies such as machine learning. "The management model using machine learning allows us to improve our sales forecasts for markets where the planning is hard to foresee, through datamining, modeling and testing techniques,” explained Verónica Velázquez, Demand Planning Manager at Tenaris.

The last module highlighted Tenaris’s launch of coiled tubing services in Argentina, which will streamline the supply chain for coiled tubing, from the mill to the customer. Tenaris has invested in coiled tubing units that will allow its teams to execute the running of the strings in the field.  With the addition of the services scope, Tenaris is the only company in the country capable of providing a full spectrum offering, from string development to meet specific customer needs for delivery, installation and product running, with Tenaris experts offering on-site assistance throughout the entire operation.
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