Tenaris young professionals graduate from Global Trainee Program

Learning and development are core values at Tenaris to help broaden perspectives, in business and company culture, through experiences conducive to one’s professional and personal growth.

Today, 75 colleagues from around the world - participants of Tenaris’s Global Trainee Program - connected for a unique graduation ceremony. The virtual event, the first of its kind at Tenaris, brought together the class from 13 countries to mark the culmination of their two-year journey as Global Trainees and a new beginning for their professional careers at Tenaris. 

“While the way we interact and work has evolved in these months due to the health crisis, our commitment to career development initiatives such as our long-standing Global Trainee Program remains strong,” said Paola Mazzoleni, Tenaris Chief Human Resources Officer.  “By transitioning to a more digital-centric strategy, we are able to press forward with learning and developing opportunities for those in the early stages of their careers.”

Local ceremonies are generally held in the respective regions for Global Trainees. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Tenaris is aiming to further strengthen connections, encouraging virtual networking and knowledge sharing among its teams. 

Marta Fanelli, graduate of the Global Trainee program, based in Italy, took on assignments in two areas of the company, pipeline technology and metallurgy, and stated the support from her supervisors was key to her professional growth.  “Since day one, they helped me to obtain full autonomy in my everyday job, giving me complete independence but providing feedback and guidance when needed. This was essential to gain expertise and self-confidence and to learn how to overcome everyday challenges.”

The Global Trainee program offers young professionals joining Tenaris the opportunity to cycle through an intensive development program that includes classroom and on-the-job learning with rotations in different areas of the company.

The program traditionally includes a month-long induction camp at its steel shop and seamless pipe mill in Campana, Argentina, with the group expanding their knowledge of the company, its heritage, cultural and community focus, and manufacturing processes and products.

Due to the ongoing health crisis, and for the well-being of its employees, the induction camp has been temporarily suspended.  Also, for this group of Global Trainees, a portion of the training was conducted online. 

Since its launch in 2003, more than 2,700 Global Trainees have graduated from the program.  To learn more about the Global Trainee program, click here.

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