Tenaris converts company hotel in Campana, Argentina into COVID-19 treatment center

Tenaris is converting Hotel Siderca, located near the eponymous seamless mill in Campana, Argentina, into a temporary treatment facility for COVID-19 patients with mild symptoms. The agreement to provide the hotel to the municipality of Campana free of charge is meant to bolster the local health care system in the event it becomes overwhelmed.

The converted hotel will serve as a relief valve for local hospitals, allowing them to concentrate on critical patients while directing suspected and mild cases for observation and quarantine to a separate facility. The initiative is part of Tenaris’s strategy to develop targeted response plans in partnership with local communities, with main focus on treatment and prevention capabilities of local hospitals and community health centers.

Under the terms of the agreement, Tenaris will assume all costs associated with housing the patients, including room and board, utilities, maintenance and security, while local authorities will be responsible for providing medical care.

“It is very important for our community to have 52 additional rooms to isolate and treat mild cases of COVID-19. Hopefully, we won’t have to use them, but if we do, we are prepared,” shares Sebastián Abella, Mayor of Campana. “I would also like to extend my gratitude to the staff of the hotel for their commitment. They worked hard with volunteer firefighters and the Red Cross to get the facility ready.”

The modernist hotel, designed by renowned Italian architect Vico Magistretti and opened in 1962, will remain a designated treatment facility until June 30, at which point Tenaris and the municipality of Campana will re-assess the project based on continued needs of the community.

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