Tenaris supports inauguration of emergency hospital in Italy to fight viruses

Tenaris’s mill in Dalmine, Italy, has contributed to the development of a new center for emergency care to fight against current and future viruses, which was inaugurated in a ceremony today in Milan. 

Tenaris provided support for the construction of Humanitas’ Emergency Hospital 19 through the Humanitas Foundation for Research. Tenaris and Humanitas are both part of the Techint Group.

Emergency Hospital 19, constructed in 11 weeks, includes an emergency center, diagnostics, intensive care unit and step-down ICU, admissions and operating rooms. The facility will also specialize in the treatment of infectious diseases and in the scientific research of viruses, such as COVID-19.

The hospital’s unveiling serves as a symbolic restart for the community in a region that was hit hard by COVID-19.

“We decided to invest our efforts and resources in a high-tech facility, created by the medical and engineering know-how in Italy in response to the current challenges,” said Gianfelice Rocca, president of Humanitas. “These centers are a testament to the strong ties Humanitas has with the communities where it operates.” 

Humanitas is also building two hospitals in Bergamo and Castellanza, Italy, which will also be dedicated to the treatment of infectious and viral diseases.

“We have experienced a ‘back to the future’ of infectious diseases, of which COVID-19 is just one example, with which we must learn to live with,” said Professor Alberto Mantovani, scientific director of Humanitas. “In this context, it is essential to be prepared, and the Emergency Hospital 19, means having the best available treatment, a direct relationship between the laboratory and clinical research, and the possibility of using the most advanced technologies, in particular, data and artificial intelligence for patient care.” 

Humanitas has also launched a scientific research program for the treatment of infectious diseases, leading with immunology, in which Humanitas Research Center specializes.

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