Tenaris reinforces health care institutions in Veracruz

Tenaris delivered medical equipment and supplies worth approximately one million USD on April 9, 2020, to two local hospitals in Veracruz, Mexico where one of Tenaris’s largest seamless mills is located.

Hospital Regional de Alta Especialidad de Veracruz and Delegación IMSS Veracruz Norte received a total of 6,000 protective suits, 12,000 surgical masks and, most importantly, 19 ventilators for their intensive care units.

This is part of Tenaris’s strategy to provide targeted assistance to its local communities around the world, with focus on medical institutions and vulnerable populations. Action plans are developed with direct input from health care professionals to ensure that most urgent needs are addressed first.

“This donation could not be timelier, as our hospital is preparing for an increase in the number of COVID-19 patients,” shares Dr. María de Lourdes Carranza Bernal, Head of Operations at Delegación IMSS Veracruz Norte. Dr. Socrates Gutiérrez Castro, Director of Hospital Regional de Alta Especialidad de Veracruz adds, “We welcome all help that strengthens our response capabilities and protects patients and medical workers.”

To acquire much needed medical supplies and equipment, Tenaris leveraged its global network of suppliers – something local hospitals often find difficult to do in current conditions of high demand and constricted supply. In addition to last week’s delivery of ventilators and PPE, Tenaris will also provide N95 masks, protective goggles, latex gloves, antibacterial gel and nasopharyngeal swabs to hospitals in Veracruz, with deliveries expected in the coming days.

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Safety in our facilities

Safety in our facilities

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