Tenaris improves capacity of steel shop emissions capture by nearly 60% in Mexico

Tenaris has invested $27 million USD to upgrade its steel shop emissions capture and treatment system at its seamless pipe mill, Tamsa, in Veracruz, Mexico.  

The improvement has resulted in better air quality inside the plant, and has improved overall working conditions, while creating a more sustainable steelmaking process. The project has increased the capacity of the system to capture emissions by nearly 60%. 

More than 2,000 tons of equipment was assembled in order to improve the collections and filtration system.

The steelmaking process generates emissions that are then captured, cooled and filtered. During the treatment process, the dust contained in the fumes is separated and then sent to recycling. Filtered emissions are then released through the plant’s stacks chimneys in compliance with both environmental regulations and internal standards, ensuring a healthy workplace inside the mill.

“We have a responsibility to work sustainably and with care for the environment. Our project to improve capture  and treatment of these emissions is one demonstration of our commitment to develop a long-term sustainable business as it meets the three key criteria: environmental, social and economic,” said Emireth Hernández, Tenaris’s Environment Senior Manager in Mexico.

As an industry leader, Tenaris believes that its responsibility to reduce the environmental impact of its operations and to provide a healthy workplace, is also an opportunity to embrace innovation and technological change.  

To read more on Tenaris’s commitment to working sustainably, click here.

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