Tenaris puts virtual field support in action in the North Sea

Unprecedented times call for innovative solutions.  With travel restrictions in place to stem contagion of COVID-19, Tenaris’s field service team had to rethink how to execute its onsite rig support.

Tenaris adapted its approach by implementing an emergency remote assistance to provide its field expertise at customer rigs via phone or online tools when in-person assistance would not be possible. This was the case for an offshore customer in the Dutch sector of the North Sea.

Through the use of a web-based program, Tenaris was able to provide the required pipe running assistance, supervising the installation of a liner at the operator’s platform, entirely remotely.

Tenaris collaborated closely with the customer and the tubular running company, with all parties adopting a screen-sharing program to visually guide the pipe-running operation while remaining in constant contact via an online chat box, having mobile phones available as a secondary means of communication.

Pre-run system tests were conducted to establish procedures and address possible troubleshooting ahead of the offshore operation, and prepare for potential technical glitches or loss of connectivity.  Additional tests and pipe make-up and breakout simulations were performed once the pipe arrived at the rig to further test the online system was operating as required.

Through the screen-sharing software, Tenaris’s field service team was able to check the pipe data and make-up parameters being inputted on the operator’s end in real time, and guide its running to ensure a proper install.  Tenaris field service specialists also monitored and analyzed make-up graphs before advancing to the next pipe connection.  The entire liner was run successfully through the use of the online system.

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