Tenaris completes biodiversity and habitat restoration project in Italy

Tenaris has remediated two existing landfills near its Piombino mill in Italy. On the two sites, each with a space of about 25,000 square meters, the company has planted several endemic species and continues to monitor their progress in order to strengthen biodiversity conservation in the Tuscany coastal area.

The rewilding project, which began in the summer of 2016, has created two fresh water wetland areas where dozens of rare endemic botanical specimens are flourishing representing the right habitat for many animals typical of the Thyrrenian Sea coast.

The last animal census included sightings of some 50 different bird species, wild mammals and dozens of amphibians and insects. The restoration project required a total investment of $10 million USD.

“This remediation represents our long-term commitment to the nearby community,” said Fabio Saita, Director of Tenaris’s seamless plant in Piombino, “but it also reinforces that biodiversity and industry can coexist positively when there is mutual respect for economic activities, spirit of integration and collaboration with our surroundings.”

Tenaris is committed to operating responsibly and with care for the environment, and preserving the natural habitat, with a continuous effort in minimizing its footprint.

The Tuscany Region certified the final completion of the remediation of the two former landfills of the Piombino plant, which is located within a polluted site of the national interest.

To read more about Tenaris’s environmental performance and other pillars guiding its sustainable actions, please click here.

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