Tenaris reduces VOC emissions at its mill in Argentina

Tenaris continues to implement solutions  to minimize its environmental footprint through the use of new technologies and processes as part of its strategic vision and commitment to sustainable production.

Following the implementation of a program to reduce the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) from varnishing and painting activities, Tenaris cut by 90 percent its VOC emissions at two varnishing lines at its seamless mill Siderca in Argentina.

“This investment optimizes our environmental performance, contributing to good air quality,” highlighted Carolina Bengochea, Global Tenaris Environment Director.

Tenaris applies a corrosion-protective coating on pipes to preserve it during transportation and storage.

In this project, many teams within Tenaris collaborated to research and implement a $2 million USD plan that involved not only a change in the chemical products used to protect the pipes, from solvent to water-based varnish, but also the modification of application and drying systems as well as storage areas.

“This project also leverages other benefits, such as reducing the health and safety risks of the application of the coating, eliminating a storage area. These are relevant, the ones that contribute to our continuous improvement to achieve industrial sustainability,” said Federico Minotti, Local Engineering Director at Tenaris in Argentina.

To read more about Tenaris’s environmental actions, please visit our 2019 Sustainability Report here.

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