Recently launched Rig Direct® Portal enhances customer experience

When the project to develop an easier way for customers to place orders for pipe started, few people imagined that it would transform the way customers interact with Tenaris. Through the Rig Direct® Portal, customers can place orders, electronically track shipments and deliveries, manage rig returns and quickly access invoices – all in one digital location. The tool was developed to enhance the Rig Direct® service model, which combines well planning, supply chain integration and well integrity support to deliver the exact products and services our customers need whenever they need them.

The Rig Direct® Portal project was customer-driven from the beginning. “Ultimately, it’s all about enhancing the customer experience. Every solution we develop and every digital tool we deploy aim to simplify the administrative processes for our customers. Our measure of success is how much time we’ve been able to save for operators running the rigs,” points out Alejandro Lammertyn, Chief Digital and Information Officer at Tenaris.

Since the Rig Direct® Portal is integrated with Tenaris’s ERP system, administrative processes related to the placement and management of orders on customer’s side has been streamlined. Pioneer Natural Resources was one of the first customers to adopt the digital platform. Pioneer has since found real value in the Rig Direct® Portal by using it to manage and track orders from a single place.

The portal is finding a receptive audience among operators in areas with the highest level of drilling activity. For instance, over 90% of casing deliveries in the Permian region are managed through the Rig Direct® Portal.

The Rig Direct® Portal is only the latest digital tool deployed by Tenaris’s IT to enhance the Rig Direct® service model and to drive digitization efforts in customer-facing applications. The PipeTracer® app complements the Rig Direct® Portal by improving operational efficiency for customers at the rig through a unique traceability process. PipeTracer® significantly reduces time that customers spend on receiving pipe, creating tallies and processing rig returns, providing tangible savings in time and resources.

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Rig Direct® Portal

Rig Direct® Portal

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