Tenaris donates 7,000 face shields for students and teachers in Campana, Argentina

Tenaris’s Siderca seamless mill in Campana, Argentina, has manufactured and delivered a new batch of 7,000 face shields to Campana City Hall as part of its response strategy to support local communities overcome the pandemic. The face shields will be distributed to students and teachers upon their return to on-campus classes.

"With this delivery, we’ve reached 30,000 face shields donated to Campana since the beginning of the pandemic, an initiative that involved dozens of employees from different areas of our mill," said Santiago Cerri, Operations Vice President in Argentina.

To date, Siderca has manufactured more than 80,000 face shields that have been distributed among employees, medical workers and local communities in Argentina. Back in April, Tenaris set up a task force to produce face shields using existing manufacturing equipment. The project implied the involvement of several production areas, including lines that usually produce pipe protectors and automotive parts.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, Tenaris has been carrying out several projects to support local communities in Argentina, such as the construction of an emergency hospital in association with the Hospital Austral, the transformation of the Hotel Siderca into a treatment center for COVID-19 and the expansion of the capacity and infrastructure of the Intensive Care Unit at the San José Hospital in Campana.

Learn more about Tenaris’s management plan to address the COVID-19 crisis:

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