Tenaris cuts hydraulic oil consumption per ton of pipe by more than 20 percent

Tenaris has reduced its hydraulic oil consumption per ton of pipe produced by 23 percent in 2019, a saving of approximately 340,000 liters compared to the previous year, due to the implementation of a strategic industrial maintenance project.  

Hydraulic oil is widely used to transfer power within hydraulic machinery and equipment in different stages of the production process.

As part of Tenaris’s industrial plan, launched in 2018, to increase its manufacturing efficiency, teams worked to improve total oil consumption at seven of its seamless mills in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Romania, Italy, Mexico, and the United States. Tenaris is also enhancing its on-line consumption monitoring tool for identifying further improvements.

“As an industry leader, we believe that it is our responsibility to reduce the environmental impact of our activities. This project was an opportunity to minimize the consumption of hydraulic oil and to reduce the risk of environmental incidents,” said Carolina Bengochea, Global Tenaris Environmental Director.

To achieve this reduction, Tenaris took several measures including the replacement of hydraulic oil systems for electric movement systems and installing new hydraulic power unit level sensor controls and alarms for early leaks detection, and improving preventive maintenance. Technical audits and trainings were also conducted to best prepare crews for spill prevention and response.

To learn more about Tenaris’s sustainability actions, please click here.

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