Tenaris expands its cold-drawing capabilities for hydraulic cylinders

Tenaris’s cold drawing plant in Costa Volpino, Italy, together with the component centers in Italy and Romania, has expanded its portfolio of hydraulic cylinder applications, worldwide.

Tenaris has recently invested in the hydraulic cylinder segment, to combine customized solutions for sophisticated large diameter products and the development of advanced steel grades to enhance the structural integrity and reliability throughout the entire life of the cylinder components.

Steel grades and manufacturing processes have been optimized in order to comply with the most severe conditions of hydraulic cylinder components: fatigue life, increased working pressure and reliability, excellent mechanical properties (up to 700 MPa yield strength), high toughness at very low temperatures (Arctic application at - 40°C) and lengths up to 14.5 meters.

“Thanks to vertical integration of the production process, from the definition of the steel chemical properties to the manufacturing of the final component, and an extended dimensional range of cold drawn tubes up to 400 mm OD with very tight tolerances, we are able to supply our customers with the most reliable and flexible solutions to fit their needs,” says Cinzia Rottoli, Commercial Senior Director Automotive & Hydraulic Cylinders at Tenaris.

With its laboratories equipped to carry out small and full-scale fatigue tests, Tenaris is able to characterize the performance of steel grades for hydraulic cylinders and study the crack propagation on the real component.

The Italian facility is integrated with Tenaris’s Zalau component center in Romania, to provide customers with additional services such as cutting product to length, machining and welding operations. Skiving and roller burnishing machining are also offered to customers to respond to the increasing need for efficiency and reducing cost along the complete supply chain.

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