Tenaris field service representative “yields excellent results” for Middle East customer

While the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Bijoy Chowaloor, Tenaris field services representative for the Middle East, found himself in Qatar, providing technical support to a longstanding customer.

When a lockdown was decreed, operations on the oil and gas rigs did not stop, but flight restrictions into Qatar meant there was a shortage of personnel. Even though he was slated to return home, Chowaloor extended his stay to cover the gap.

“During a 30-day stay on one rig the customer was running the 13 5/8” TenarisHydril Blue® connection for the first time. It was their first time running this OD and it was my responsibility to make sure the job was completed in a safe manner,” said Chowaloor.

A customer representative commended Chowaloor’s work and dedication. “Chowaloor provided technical support to maintain current operations with no delays, and in full operating scope. He worked both offshore and onshore to ensure that our equipment was being made up successfully without interruptions. When asked to support us at a vendor facility, he traveled from both ends of Qatar to cover all work activities in a safe and efficient manner, yielding excellent results,” said the Quality Engineering Specialist from the Qatari company.

“At the beginning of the outbreak in Qatar, people staying on the rigs were living with a lot of uncertainty,” said Chowaloor, “Our customer took all the necessary measures and tested every person that was going to the rig three days in advance. We worked to maintain social distance even with the restrictions of the space,” he added.

Tenaris has continued to support its customers in the field through remote assistance when in-person rig site visits were not possible due to COVID-19 restrictions, or onsite with heightened protective measures in place.

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