Tenaris launches coiled tubing services in Argentina to manage entire value chain

Tenaris has become the only company in Argentina capable of offering customers full support for the entire coiled tubing supply chain: from production of the coiled tubing string, according to the specific needs of each operation, to the management of logistics with support from Tenaris regional centers, in addition to providing running and on-site assistance during the operation.

Tenaris has acquired sophisticated and modern units, unique in the Argentine market, capable of meeting customer needs for the exploration of longer lateral wells.

The new equipment includes an injector head with a capacity of 63.5 tons and a maximum capacity of 7,700 meters of 2 5/8” pipe. It also allows for online 24/7 monitoring that enables the transmission of operational parameters in real time to any point in the country, to ensure the efficiency of operations.

“The industry is demanding more efficiency and a connection between products and services. We are expanding the services that we already offer within Rig Direct®, with specialized equipment for more complex operations like Vaca Muerta Basin,” said Martín Mayora, Coiled Tubing Director for Argentina.

Tenaris’s industrial system provides a management control and maintenance framework for the provision of the services, aiming to reduce time and unscheduled interruptions, minimize operational risk and maximize the quality of service.

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