Tenaris presents brand, market evolution to University of Houston engineering students

Tenaris Technical Sales Regional Senior Manager, Brian Elliott, connected with four student engineering organizations from the University of Houston for an informational session about the company, from its industrial roots to its evolution in the North American market.

Elliott, who manages Tenaris’s OCTG technical support to U.S. customers, gave a virtual presentation and held a Q&A session with members of UH’s American Association of Drilling Engineers (AADE), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Petroleum Engineering Honor Society (or, PiET), and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE).

“There is a great deal of value in forging partnerships with student groups and universities,” said Elliott. “As future leaders, these discussions are conducive to the exchange of ideas and experiences, and it creates an environment that helps drive innovation and change.”

Elliot spoke about the company’s beginnings in Italy, Argentina and Mexico, before the Tenaris name emerged in 2002, and detailed its growth in North America through a series of strategic acquisitions and investments, including its most recent, the January 2020 closing of the IPSCO acquisition to expand its footprint in the US.

He also shared aspects that make Tenaris a leader in its space - a differentiated portfolio of products, a direct-to-customer service model, Rig Direct®, and the integration of digital tools to further strengthen relationships with customers and streamline processes.

"As an engineering student during this global pandemic, it has brought on many unprecedented challenges. In the process of adaptation, we've had to create new methods to communicate with industry professionals. Tenaris's commitment to continue to network with UH engineering students despite all the obstacles is greatly appreciated, and their efforts will help many students develop professionally," said Christian Hernandez, UH President of PiET.

Tenaris is developing a series of technical seminars as part of its collaboration with UH PiET for 2021 to cover different segments of its operations.

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