Tenaris promotes circular economy projects at ESG forum in Romania

Tenaris has participated in a national Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) conference in Romania to share best practices and learn about new sustainability methodologies.

Romania’s 2020 ESG Non-Financial Sustainability Reporting Forum, organized by GovNET - an independent media channel and event organizer - brought together representatives of companies in industries such as retail, energy and metallurgy, to a roundtable discussion about developing sustainable strategies, creating real value and of the challenges within. Participants presented case studies and success stories about non-financial reporting and the implementation of sustainability concepts.

Anca Sălăjan, Health, Safety and Environment Director at Tenaris’s seamless plant Silcotub, spoke at the Implementation of Sustainable Development Concepts session, sharing sustainable actions and recent initiatives at the plant related to environmental protection.

"We managed to turn waste into valuable material through synergies with other industries and thus make a real contribution to what sustainability and circular economy mean," said Sălăjan.

Sălăjan addressed the concept of circular economy, as adopted by Tenaris and supported by the results, namely from the 100% iron co-product recovery rate achieved at its plants in the country.  Tenaris successfully reintroduced co-product into its steel production in the electric arc furnace in Călărași - the method of making steel with the lowest carbon footprint, compared to other existing technologies in the metallurgical industry – and by distributing it to other industries to be repurposed.

The invitation to participate in this event alongside Lidl, Coca-Cola, Ikea, e.on, Romgaz and other companies, came due to the environmental and social development projects carried out by Silcotub, which had national reach.

The full recorded event is available here.

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