Tenaris implements new solutions to reduce wood consumption in Mexico

Tenaris has implemented the use of recyclable, synthetic dunnage in order to reduce its use of traditional wood dunnage, contributing to minimize the environmental impact. Dunnage are long rectangular strips, required to separate and contain tubular Tenaris products, steel bars and pipes, during transportation.

The use of synthetic dunnage has been implemented for more than three years, for maritime transportation from Mexico to the USA, representing a reduction of approximately 4,600 metric tons of wood dunnage during that period. Due to the success of the initiative, other maritime circuits as well as internal transportation have also recently implemented the use of this alternative material.

The synthetic dunnage was jointly developed with a local Mexican supplier, based on recycled polyethylene, which, when separated from waste streams, helps to reduce plastic pollution. The product life cycle circuit is extended by collecting damaged dunnage and recycling it into new plastic products.  

In this experience, the synthetic dunnage mechanical properties have been designed to exceed the ones made of wood. As a result, it can be used on more stringent loading environments and then re-used many more times than wood.

“As an industry leader, we continuously work to develop Reduce, Recycle, Reuse (3R) initiatives throughout our sites and offices,” said Carolina Bengochea, Tenaris’s Environment Senior Director. “This project was an opportunity to minimize the consumption of wood and increase opportunities for circularity in our industry.”

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