Tenaris supports customers with solutions for decarbonization in Europe

Tenaris is helping oil and gas customers to meet net zero emissions objectives by providing specialized tubular solutions for their carbon capture and storage (CCS) applications.

Through CCS technologies, emissions are captured at the source, transferred and stored in depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs or other geological formations, as highlighted in a recent article published in Energy Voice magazine. The captured emissions are injected into pipes for underground storage.  

Tenaris’s technical sales team has been working with customers in the North Sea, estimated to have a potential storage capacity to hold over 180 billion tons of carbon dioxide, and Continental Europe, in selecting the pipe material that meets requirements for CCS injection wells.

Tubular product selection is key as gas from capture facilities can include up to 95 percent carbon dioxide content as well as other acidic impurities that can corrode pipes used for injection wells.  Low operational temperature is another element to consider when selecting tubular materials.

Efforts to further enhance its line of product solutions for CCS applications are underway across Tenaris’s global R&D network.

“We believe that our responsibility to reduce the environmental impact of our activities is also an opportunity to embrace innovation and technological change,” said Christopher Langrill, Commercial Director for Tenaris in the UK. “We are committed to reducing the environmental footprint within the value chain, working with partners and customers to address the climate change challenge and to meet global targets for carbon dioxide emissions reduction.”

Tenaris has implemented technological advances across its operations to cut emissions, using the lowest carbon intensive steel production in the steel sector today with the use of electric arc furnaces.

To read the piece in its entirety on Energy Voice, click here.  For more on Tenaris’s sustainability actions, click here.

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