Tenaris’s mill in Italy prioritizes order for medical-use gas cylinders in response to COVID-19

With the health care system in the Lombardy region of Italy under severe strain from a surge in coronavirus cases, Tenaris’s Dalmine seamless mill in Italy is rushing an order for 4,300 medical-grade gas cylinders. These 14-liter tanks are used in ambulances and mobile intensive care units to treat critically ill patients, which are overwhelming emergency rooms and hospitals.

Demand for medical-grade cylinders in Italy has exploded during the coronavirus emergency, growing 500% in Lombardy and 1,000% in Bergamo. Medical suppliers are struggling to meet demand, as few mills can produce pipe that meets the stringent requirements for medical equipment. Dalmine is the only facility within the Tenaris industrial system that has a specialized line to produce gas cylinders. With operations scaled back due to the ongoing health emergency, Dalmine quickly modified its production schedule to accommodate this urgent order.

“There are supply chains that cannot be stopped, and one of them is medical, of which TenarisDalmine is a part,” explains Michele Della Briotta, President of Tenaris in Europe. “We are moving as fast as we can to respond to this critical need.”

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