TenarisUniversity deploys virtual reality to train crane operators

In the continued push to create a risk-free learning environment and to make the learning process immersive, TenarisUniversity (TU) now offers a virtual reality-based training course for crane operators at the Dalmine mill in Bergamo. The new crane simulator, located at the TU laboratory of the mill, becomes the sixth unit deployed, with cranes found also in Argentina, Romania, the United States and now Italy.

Used both for onboarding new employees and the continued education of current mill employees, the crane simulator supplements theoretical knowledge with practical training conducted in a digitally recreated crane cabin.

“Risk-free learning environment, safety of other employees and minimal disruption to operations – these are some of the benefits that we have already realized since the first crane simulator was installed at the Siderca mill in Argentina in July 2018,” observed Horacio Galli, Senior Director at TenarisUniversity. “And we plan to continue expanding the program.” TU has plans for two crane simulators in Mexico, which could be installed as early as 2020. An additional unit will also be installed in Italy, but the date has not been determined yet.

Trainees can safely experience cabin controls and the actual layout of the plant, which have been recreated in the software custom designed for Tenaris, while getting real-time feedback from the trainers. The training course takes full advantage of in-house talent and expertise, as all expert trainers are recruited from the ranks of highly experienced operators with in-depth knowledge of operations.

“The advantages of the crane simulator are varied: first of all, think of safety, since acting in a controlled environment means having the opportunity to behave properly in an emergency situation without exposing yourself to risk,” Yamila Cerrotta, TenarisUniversity Manager. “This means that even those who are not particularly experienced, can practice without the fear of endangering themselves and others.”

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