Thor®115 steel pipes to be installed in a Colombian combined cycle power plant

Tenaris has supplied Thor®115 steel pipes for the construction of the John Cockerill Energy heat recovery steam generator for the Termocandelaria combined cycle power plant in Colombia. It’s the first time that Thor®115 is installed in an HRSG downstream Mitsubishi Power gas turbine. 

“We received the support of an expert and reliable partner, Tenaris, which is recognized in the industry and developed an advanced material like Thor®115 – easy to implement with a well-established manufacturing process,” said Fabien Baguette, John Cockerill Energy Global Category Manager.

A proven replacement of steel grade 91, Thor®115 is characterized by increased steam oxidation resistance (above 600°C), long-term stability based on a modified microstructure and superior creep behavior.

“We partnered at an early stage with John Cockerill Energy to provide the best performing solution that meets their needs,” said Antonella Ferrara, Tenaris Product Senior Manager Power Generation. “The adoption of  Thor®115 - a Tenaris proprietary, 11% Cr ferritic steel developed for better steam oxidation resistance at high temperatures - contributed to reduce the total weight of the heat recovery steam generators without affecting its high performance and long-life cycle.”

Tenaris is commited to developing low-carbon technologies to provide the highest level of innovative support to its customers, delivering performance improvement and cost reductions.

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