Tenaris conducts technical presentations at Colombia’s virtual oil and gas summit

Tenaris is presenting technical talks from its booth at the 3rd edition of the Colombian  Oil and Gas Summit 2020, held virtually November 18-20.

As the keynote event of the year for the industry in Colombia, the digital summit brings together main industry oil and gas players to discuss and present topics such as the conditions governing supply and demand, energy independence, investment in the country, climate change, the exploration of frontier and mature basins, and the digital transformation, among others.

During the three days of the exhibition, attendees will be able to connect to Tenaris’s technical talks by accessing the events digitally from the company’s exhibit. Company experts will discuss topics such as oil and gas accessories, looking at solutions and technologies for oilfield applications, and tubular offshore products, presenting the range of casing, tubing and large diameter connectors for offshore exploration and development wells.

On the agenda for November 19th, casing for unconventional deposits, and the company will close the series on November 20th with the last two technical talks covering tubular solutions for mature fields and sucker rods for the energy industry.

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