Worldsteel spotlights Tenaris’s communication strategy in SteelTalks webinar series

Tenaris Chief Communication Officer Mario Galli gave a wide-ranging talk in worldsteel’s SteelTalks webinar series about the role communications has played in the steel industry, and how lessons learned along the way have uniquely prepared companies for the multilevel crises of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Galli, who current heads worldsteel’s Communications Committee, explained how the process of creating credibility with an audience and opening dialogue to engage with messaging came to a head in communicating during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Global measures in mills and offices were implemented to prevent the spread, and employees, their families, communities, and customers were constantly informed about protective actions and best practices.

With monthly webcasts from Tenaris Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Paolo Rocca, employees were presented with the state of the crisis. “We have been very transparent with what’s going on with our plants and we have united people together in a moment where most everyone was working from home,” said Galli.

Tenaris also made a strategic partnership with Humanitas Research Hospital & University, sister company of Tenaris through the Techint group, to create educational materials on how to take action against the disease in everyday life for employees and communities.

Galli closed by sharing these key points to communicate effectively in the modern age: “Know your audience. Be open and be there. Care about content. Be part of the conversation and lead it in an age of turbulence.”

More than 540 attendees representing more than 30 countries attended the virtual event. To view the talk in full, visit the steelTalks section of (requires a free steeluniversity account to enroll and view).

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