Tenaris and Eni present industry-first testing of premium connections for CCS

Eni and Tenaris have presented the results of the first testing of premium connections performed in the tubular sector for Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) applications at the Offshore Mediterranean Conference and Exhibition (OMC) in Ravenna, Italy, held September 28-30. Massimo Lanna, Tenaris Technical Sales Regional Director for Europe, CIS and Sub Saharan Africa, shares how working in close collaboration with customers like Eni can help advance the energy transition.


How did the idea of developing this new protocol start?

Solutions for CCS and other low carbon applications are a top priority in our agenda. As there were no set of protocols in the literature to qualify connections for CO2 injection wells, back in November 2020, Eni and Tenaris worked together on developing a testing protocol specific for CCS wells. Our products portfolio is well equipped to take on the latest challenges associated with CCS injection wells and this was a great opportunity to prove it. Our R&D and technical teams worked with Eni to design the protocol and the tests were completed in our full-scale laboratories in Argentina in February 2021. The tests were streamed online to allow Eni and Tenaris’s technical experts around the world to participate in real time.


What is the main challenge that needs to be addressed in CO2 injection wells?

During CO2 injection, wells may reach temperatures below zero Celsius degrees. To reproduce the conditions generated when injecting CO2 into depleted reservoirs, the tests were performed at -35º Celsius. The results demonstrated that the Blue® premium connection maintains its gas sealability performances even under such low temperatures. To run the test, martensitic stainless steels (13% Cr alloys) were selected, which seems to be a standard-to-be for the CCS business.


How can Dopeless® technology contribute to the CCS segment?

Eliminating the need to use dope becomes key in CO2 injection wells, as subzero temperatures can have a big impact on dope throughout time. Through a dry, multifunctional coating applied in an industrially controlled environment, our Dopeless® technology eliminates the need to deal with dope at the well site, reduces the risk of galling and ideally has no time and temperature dependent behavior. The combination of TenarisHydril Blue® proven performance plus all the benefits of Dopeless® technology demonstrated to be an effective solution for CCS applications.

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