Ecuador’s Shushufindi Consortium adopts RunReady™ services for enhanced efficiency and safety

Tenaris recently implemented RunReady™ services in Ecuador for the Shushufindi Consortium, as part of its innovative service model Rig Direct®. RunReady™ includes preparation of the pipes for running at Tenaris mills or service centers, reducing time and minimizing risks at customer yards or rig sites. 

Cristian Giol, Development Execution Leader of the Shushufindi Consortium, said that the company chose the service to reduce quality failures and to have equipment tested and ready to be run into the well. The benefits, he added, have been greater control of the operation, enhanced safety and greater efficiency.

The scope of the RunReady™ service encompasses removal of protectors, cleaning of storage dope, visual inspection of pipe body and connections, application of anticorrosive wax or running dope, measurement of pipe length and pre-assembly of accessories, all activities that enable the product to be ready to run.

PipeTracer® technology, a unique tracking and traceability application that allows operators to create running tallies, is an integral part of the RunReady™ package, since it provides physical pipe measurements and displays complete product information, resulting in greater operational efficiency.

"Tenaris is a flexible, agile company that works together with the customer to understand their needs and thus provide them with a service portfolio that reduces costs, increases operational efficiency, reduces environmental impact and guarantees quality," says Marcelo Barroso, Vice President of Supply Chain Services.

RunReady™ began in Ecuador after a successful process of observing, understanding, and meeting the specific needs of the customer, increasing Tenaris’s positioning in Machachi as an advanced industrial and service center.

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