Tenaris introduces LaserShield™ protective coating for sucker rods couplings

After extensive R&D and selection of special coatings and base materials, the new LaserShield™ coating for sucker rods couplings offers extreme resistance and improved performance in challenging artificial lift operations. This new addition to the company’s sucker rods portfolio has been exclusively designed to enhance efficiency in beam pumping and progressive cavity pumping wells.

“Lateral loads in wells with severe tortuosity increase the wear between the tubing and the sucker rods coupling. With LaserShield™ the tubing wear ratio is reduced at least twice when compared with the available couplings in the market,” says Alejandro Levrino, Tenaris Sucker Rods Vice President. The extra resistance and the efficiency on production is due to its ultra high-speed laser material deposition technology applied to the coupling.

Tenaris’s new sucker rods technology delivers artificial lift customers a variety of benefits. LaserShield™ technology extends tubing and coupling lifespan, reduces energy consumption, increases production levels and fatigue resistance which brings an overall operational cost-savings benefits.

The development and launching of this new sucker rods coupling coating followed the highest quality standards, in a safe and healthy environment with a strict control system and an automated process.

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