Improving Tenaris’s operations with digital solutions

Tenaris’s Chief Digital and Information Officer, Alejandro Lammertyn, was in charge of a presentation on Digital Transformation & Industry 4.0 in a new edition of the Roberto Rocca Education Program Webinar Series, in which more than 230 people participated.

In his presentation, Lammertyn highlighted the relevance of the ongoing digital transformation, taking advantage of data to meet customers’ demands and to improve all industrial indicators, including safety, quality, reliability and compliance. “No single area is responsible for this transformation; every single industrial process is at the core of what we need to optimize based on the comprehensive scenario that big data can offer us.”

Industrial digital technology allows for all parts within the mill to run processes in a connected, optimized, transparent, agile and proactive manner. Relying on a common, secure infrastructure data center, a control tower gathers and shares the data available with different actors. It can connect via Wi-Fi with a smart warehouse, mobile workers and data science specialists offering a common data layer and governance.

As for connectivity with customers, Tenaris has implemented the Digital Box, a suite of digital tools to grant transparency to the supply chain and streamline operations. “This allows us for a more precise viewing of the entire pipe supply process in coordination with our Rig Direct® services, from optimizing the customer’s stock to making sure each customer receives the products they need when they need them.” This technology also allows for remote assistance solutions based on existing platforms such as Microsoft Teams, mobile devices and/or Realware wearables. These wearable devices are also being used on the Shop Floor, such as smart glasses capable of streaming from an onboard camera to a remote expert that can see everything the worker sees.

The Roberto Rocca Education Program (RREP) is an initiative to provide scholarships and fellowships to talented undergraduate and graduate students of engineering and the applied sciences in selected countries. Stay tuned for more webinars by checking the RREP LinkedIn account.

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