Jaguar runs TenarisHydril EasyDock™ connector in onshore project in Mexico

Jaguar Exploration and Production ran the TenarisHydril EasyDock™ connector in its northern Veracruz Spinini-1EXP exploratory well. This was the first time the TenarisHydril weld-on connector was used in an onshore project.

The EasyDock™ connector is a weld-on connector for onshore and offshore medium service severity applications. Its triple thread design assured a deep and easy stabbing while self-alignment guides steered the connector preventing pin and box thread misalignment. Its anti-rotational keys (ARKs) provided extra assurance against connector accidental back-off with a quick on-site activation.

Tenaris provided the customer an integrated solution including the TenarisHydril EasyDock™ 30” X-56 connector manufactured at Confab, the company’s welded pipe mill in Brazil, a welded float shoe, rental of accessories and technical assistance.

“In Mexico we are key players in the use of connectors and onshore operations, which are clear differentiators with respect to the competition. With the use of our premium products, like the EasyDock™ connector, we are able to withstand the most demanding loads of the wells," said Miguel Ángel Castañeda, Technical Sales Regional Director in Mexico.

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