Tenaris promotes female participation in STEM careers in Mexico

Tenaris has launched a Technical Gene curriculum exclusively for women in Mexico, with the aim of fostering interest and increasing participation of young women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers.

The program, designed for high school students, will include 18 sessions over a three-year period. The first two courses were held in November and December, online, with the participation of 25 students focused on a range of topics such as computer science, refrigeration, air conditioning and mechatronics.  The initial sessions highlighted the different roles and opportunities available to women and honed in on the subject of self-awareness. In the near future, the initiative will include sessions to provide relevant information and mentoring to girls in secondary schools who are interested in technical careers. The specialized curriculum will guide students and their parents through the necessary steps to transition into a technical career if they choose to do so.

“I really liked the first two sessions of the program. It was very interesting and has helped me to understand more about the role we play as women and all the radical changes that were needed in order to gain more career equality,” said Rubí Maranto Chávez, Technical Gene program student.

The Technical Gene program is one of Tenaris’s longstanding global educational initiatives implemented in eight countries. Its goal is to offer high school students from local communities the opportunity to develop Industry 4.0 skills using specific tools to guide their learning. In addition to infrastructure and equipment, the program focuses on training students, developing technological projects and bringing schools closer to industry, including on-the-job internships.

“We are very excited about the participation of these students. They have found a space to express themselves and create a network among peers who share interests. We hope our targeted program continues to grow and inspire young women to pursue STEM careers,” said Rosa Elena Pérez, Tenaris Institutional Relations Manager in Mexico.

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