Tenaris managing director over China speaks with Oil Link on the company’s differentiation in the market

Philix Liu Jinghua, Managing Director for Tenaris in China, spoke to Oil Link, the leading media platform covering the country’s energy industry, via livestreaming video.

Jinghua spoke about how Tenaris differentiates itself in the Chinese market, through advanced technology products, and value-added services for customers under its Rig Direct® model, offering technical consultancy, well planning, supply chain integration and support to optimize well integrity.

Many oil companies in China are currently reevaluating their strategic responses to the energy transition and exploring profitable growth by reducing operational costs and improving efficiency.

Oil Link asked how Tenaris could contribute to this dynamic, Jinghua highlighted the company’s Rig Direct® strategy.  “This is a unique business model that involves a transformation of industry supply chains and we are working with major international oil and gas companies. By offering a series of digital solutions such as the Rig Direct® Portal and the PipeTracer® app, Tenaris is continuing to improve service safety, efficiency, and cost and creating value for customers.”

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