Renovation of TenarisUniversity facility in Argentina adds robotics, simulation technology for enhanced training

Tenaris has renovated its corporate university, TenarisUniversity, incorporating robotics and virtual simulation technologies to its academic building in Campana, Argentina.

The renovation project created a central location for the training of its technicians, and the added equipment and technological infrastructure in place now offers similar operating conditions to those found in the mill for enhanced instruction. The remodel also allows engineering teams to test projects in a safe, reliable environment outside of the production floor.

Rooms to house the electrical equipment, mechanics and hydraulics, non-destructive testing (NDT) and workshops for the inspection of connection threads were added.  The renovation also included a robotics room with an ABB robotic arm identical to the one used in production lines, and another one with a virtual simulator to offer immersive training in the handling of heavy equipment. A digital room, three new complementary classrooms and a monitoring center for the operation and logistics of Tenaris’s manufacturing facility were also created.

“Among our training and development focus at TenarisUniversity, is that of fully onboarding new employees with a strong emphasis on our core values of safety and quality. This includes working with our young technical students for their comprehensive induction prior to entering professional practice, and on the constant certification of our experienced technicians. All of these activities, with the renovation betterments and the latest technology for industrial application, allows for a safe, comfortable space for students and teachers to train and develop outside of the mill,” said Horacio Galli, TenarisUniversity Sr. Director.

The project involved an investment of over 700,000 US dollars, and the remodeling of 600 square meters on the ground floor and another 90 square meters on the upper floor.

TenarisUniversity is Tenaris’s corporate university, responsible for strategically integrating, aligning, and disseminating knowledge to its global employee base. It encourages development by offering high quality specific job training programs combined with a student-centered experience, and promotes collaborative learning by sharing experiences across the organization. The corporate university offers more than two million hours of training to its employees, per year, with a strong focus on health, safety, and environment.

The training campus includes two floors consisting of six workshops, eight classrooms, two lecture halls, a digital room, an industrial operations control tower and an auditorium with a capacity for over 450 people.

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