Repsol E&P Bolivia adopts Tenaris’s remote field assistance solution

Repsol operations at the rig are being observed by Tenaris specialists via live feed Tenaris

In response to restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Tenaris has developed new digital solutions that look to add value to the operation, even while providing support remotely.

Tenaris, together with Repsol, implemented the remote field assistance service for casing and tubing operations, in order to supervise installation and recommend actions in real time. This remote assistance made it possible to provide specialized support regarding the correct handling and use practices of TenarisHydril connections, enhancing the safety and reliability of the operation. By making the support virtual, there is less contact between personnel and reduced logistics between Tenaris’s service base and the customer’s rig location.

“With the pandemic, we had to implement disruptive initiatives to continue operating. Sacrificing the quality of our operations was not an option, so we called Tenaris to discuss what kind of solution we could implement together. These actions demonstrate that, with planning and effort, there is always room for innovation,” said Rafael Garate, Drilling Superintendent of Repsol E&P Bolivia.

Tenaris provided remote field assistance service eight times for Repsol E&P Bolivia between August 2020 and May 2021, with teams made up of four certified specialists and with the contribution from various areas of Tenaris, located in Neuquén and Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina. Repsol’s drilling operations took place in the Caipipendi RC Block, located in the southern region of Bolivia, for the deep wells Boicobo-X1 and Margarita-10.

“We have had Repsol's support in the field, in addition to their trust. The remote assistance option has been an opportunity to continue being present, even in the most difficult contexts,” said Gustavo Silva, Tenaris Operations Manager in Bolivia.

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