Tenaris obtains first Environmental Product Declarations for its seamless pipes for power generation & large vessels applications

Tenaris has just released two new Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) that state the environmental performance of its carbon and alloy seamless pipes and tubes for power generation applications and large vessels, based on their Life Cycle Assessment.

The EPDs measure the impact of a ton of steel pipes in terms of air emissions, energy use, climate change, the recovery of co-products and water use, considering a cradle to gate approach (meaning from raw materials preparation to customers’ gate).

“We consider that Environmental product declarations show our commitment to disclose in a transparent, objective and standard way the environmental credentials of our products, and also to demonstrate our commitment to continuously improve and minimize the environmental impact of our operations and our products”, said Carolina Bengochea, Tenaris Environment Senior Director.

In addition to the two latest ones, Tenaris has previously issued EPDs for its OCTG, offshore and onshore line pipe products and structural tubes for offshore and onshore applications.

The Environmental Product Declarations are verified on an annual basis, updated in case of any significant change in the environmental performance and certified by an external body. EPDs comply with the rules of the International EPD® System and meet the requirements of ISO 14025.

“We are constantly focused on designing products and services which meet the heat transfer industry’s most stringent requirements, allowing power plant builders and owners to reduce their cost of ownership and maximize power plant performance, while offering highly flexible and reliable hydrogen storage and transportation systems,” said Nicola Pedrinelli, Tenaris Power Generation & Gas Cylinders Commercial Director. “Our EPDs demonstrate our long-term sustainable vision,” he added.

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