Tenaris 2020 Sustainability Report hones in on company actions for energy transition

With a focus on energy transition and a special chapter on COVID-19, Tenaris’s 2020 Sustainability Report presents the company’s efforts to navigate the pandemic and its strategy to deliver 2030 targets and confront climate change.

In his opening letter, Tenaris Chairman and CEO Paolo Rocca says: “2020 was a particular year which has left an indelible mark on the world. Certainly, the pandemic changed all our established paradigms and accelerated the energy transition. Decarbonization has become a major issue for the whole world and, in particular, for our industry. We approved a medium-term target to reduce the carbon emissions intensity of our operations by 30% from a 2018 baseline [and] this will become an ever more important part of our agenda in the coming years.”

The pandemic upended world economies and further deepened a then ongoing decline in oil and gas. Tenaris focused its efforts on establishing a safe working environment at its industrial factilities and offices, and on adapting to an environment where employees could work remotely.

Fulfilling customer and supplier commitments remained a priority. Tenaris accelerated its introduction of digital initiatives to strengthen supply chain integration under the company’s Rig Direct® service program and began to deliver technical assistance for running pipe and training, on a remote basis.

Although Tenaris’s operations are largely focused on serving the oil and gas industry, the 2020 Sustainability Report details the company’s progress to decarbonize its operations, developing and supplying products for low-carbon energy applications such as geothermal wells, waste-to-energy (bio-energy) power plants, hydrogen storage and refueling stations, and carbon capture and sequestration activities.

Explore Tenaris’ Sustainability Report and find more information navigating through the different chapters: Health and Safety, Environment, Innovation and Supply Chain, Human Resources, Community Relations and Governance, Risk and Compliance.

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