Tenaris implements virtual quality audits in Mexico

Tenaris recently offered Schlumberger the opportunity to perform a remote quality audit of its premium accessories mill at its Tamsa seamless pipe mill in Veracruz, Mexico. The audit was held remotely in response to current COVID-19 restrictions and travel bans.

Through RealWear® technology, including smart glasses that allow audio and video links, Mario Cadena, Internal Auditor at Schlumberger, was able to stay in contact with the Tenaris representative throughout the tour and remotely evaluate the processes related to the threading of premium connections to verify that the Quality Management System met the standards established in ISO9001:2015 and Schlumberger requirements, and to interact with Tenaris supervisors and operators. The quality audit returned zero non-conformities and observations, a positive result for the mill.

"It has been a positive experience,” Cadena said. “We’d never worked with this type of technology before. Through the smart glasses I was able to learn more about the facilities and the processes. It actually felt like being there, on-site. It is great to see a supplier strive to excel.”

"In order to support our customer, who had never visited our facilities before, we suggested using this technology for the first time in an audit," explained Sara García, Tenaris Quality Manager in Mexico.

Tenaris has been expanding its use of digital tools to enhance its service offer to customers and optimize internal processes. It has used the hands-free, RealWear® technology since 2019, for remote site support and in maintenance work at its mills.

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