Tenaris releases handbook to optimize sucker rods performance, minimize failures

Tenaris’s sucker rods experts have compiled a handbook of analysis of failures for artificial lift operations with recommendations on how to optimize performance and mitigate potential problems.

“Our new handbook focuses on failures directly related to the sucker rods string and accessories. It is a valuable resource compiling lessons learned from our more than 50 years of experience and a great tool for failure analysts, engineers, and technical teams looking to identify root cause(s) of operational breakdowns in artificial lift systems,” says Edgardo López, Tenaris Sucker Rods Technology Director.

Tenaris Sucker Rods Handbook of Failures is organized by topic for fast diagnostics, supported by case studies, images that detail the onset of a potential failure mechanism and further analysis to corroborate the different hypothesis.  Suggested cause-mapping can be followed for a better understanding of the specific motive of the failure.

“In addition, we’re also presenting a collection of reference articles with detailed information on the theory behind the different failure mechanisms, and potential solutions,” adds López.

Tenaris complemented its content for the handbook with contributions from sucker rods customers. The compilation will be frequently updated with new information to offer best operational practices for artificial lift system operators. 

A free copy is available for a limited time at this link

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