Tenaris showcases simplicity of Rig Direct® Portal with Vesta in Canada

Tenaris’s suite of digital tools streamlines the pipe buying process through technologies that address unique business needs in well planning, supply chain integration and well integrity support. Canadian customer, Vesta Energy, recently experienced this simplicity firsthand when they adopted the Rig Direct® Portal, successfully implementing the online platform with minimal guidance from Tenaris.

The Rig Direct® Portal is a consolidated digital platform that allows customers to place orders, monitor the status of an order, and access order-related documents, such as invoices, all in one place. Part of the Rig Direct® service model, the portal is just one tool in Tenaris’s digital box, a series of solutions designed to streamline processes to save customers time, money and resources, while increasing efficiency and reliability through the supply chain.

The largest operator in Western Canada’s East Duvernay region, Vesta typically drills twenty-day wells with multiple accessory requirements. Through the Rig Direct® Portal, the customer is able to manage this process completely online.

“Adopting the Rig Direct® Portal has not only helped simplify our regular communication with Tenaris, but it was also easy for us to implement into our day-to-day processes,” Andrew Clow, Senior Drilling Engineer at Vesta, said. “We still maintain contact with our Tenaris representatives, but the portal has helped significantly reduce the time we need for these types of calls.”

Tenaris’s Canadian team prepared detailed instructions to help with the integration, and Vesta was able to launch the platform with minimal support from Tenaris.

“Using the Rig Direct® Portal feels similar to purchasing anything online, which the majority of people are familiar with today,” Shellie Clark, VP Commercial Canada, said. “Our customers can manage their orders for all of their wells with just a few clicks. The portal is the first step in a larger digital strategy that further enhances our Rig Direct® model and the high level of service we’re able to provide our customers.”

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