Tenaris supports community in Romania, donates 10 new medical devices

Tenaris has donated 10 electrocardiogram, or EKG, mobile devices to the Zalau County Emergency Hospital in Romania.

The County Emergency Hospital located in Zalau, Romania, was in need of the devices to make cardiological testing and diagnosis more accessible and safer, avoiding the transfer of patients to other wards of the hospital during the pandemic.

With the new equipment, an investment of $42,000 USD, EKG testing can now be performed at the patient's bedside.

The mobile EKG devices are also being integrated into the hospital’s computer network and has the capability to capture a digital recording of the results, creating an electronic archive for better patient data management.  This also allows cardiologist to interpret the results in real-time and remotely from another hospital ward.

"With the stress of the pandemic, we are continuing our support to our communities. In an environment of heightened priority for health, our donation is part of our continued journey to support the medical community and to enhance the experience of the patient in the hospital,” says Mihaela Popescu, Tenaris President for Romania.

Tenaris, which operates a seamless pipe mill in Zalau, is an active neighbor in the community through initiatives targeting mainly education and health, having provided the County Emergency Hospital with medical equipment and contributing to its training programs over the years.  

As part of Tenaris’s global action plan to lend support to its communities during the COVID-19 health crisis, the company has also donated medical supplies and protective equipment to assist with local response efforts.

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