Tenaris technical school in Argentina celebrates its fourth edition of Educator's Week

The Roberto Rocca Technical School in Argentina has recently celebrated its fourth edition of Educator’s Week, a period of training and reflection on its latest academic year, which had adapted to face the challenges of the pandemic. These Technical Schools educate high school students from the communities where Tenaris operates, leveraging innovative teaching through the responsible use of technology, state-of-the art labs and project-based learning methodology. The first school was born in Campana, Buenos Aires, in 2013, offering specializations in electronics and electromechanics to more than 400 students. The second one opened in 2016 in Pesquería, México.

Over the course of two weeks, the management, teaching, and administrative teams at the technical school located in Campana participated in lectures, workshops and activities with guidance from specialists in technology and education on various topics including digitalization, academic preparation, project-based learning and comprehensive student development.

"You have made an extraordinary effort to adapt to virtual learning during the pandemic, achieving outstanding academic results and establishing a remarkable dynamic with the students," said Javier Martínez Álvarez, Tenaris President for the Southern Cone, during the event’s closing ceremony.

Continuous improvement is a core value of the educational model of Tenaris’s Roberto Rocca Technical School, a global program that promotes education in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields, and through Educator’s Week, all teams can build from lessons learned to strengthen the curriculum. 

Martínez Álvarez also shared that some of the changes brought on by the pandemic are here to stay. “Education is the real vehicle for development, and digitization offers us a great opportunity to multiply the capacity to create content and to spread it to the community. This is aligned with the School’s goals: to contribute to a quality educational system conducive to social mobility,” said Martínez Álvarez.

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