Tenaris introduces TN 80EY steel grade for Canadian NACE Region 3 applications

Tenaris is expanding its portfolio with the TN 80EY, a new proprietary seamless steel grade, qualified for NACE Region 3 applications. The new grade was developed with an improved burst compared to the L80-ICY, offering a cost-competitive alternative to the API T95 steel grade.

Manufactured at Tenaris’s seamless facility in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, the TN 80EY can be used in severe sour conditions often associated with unconventional shale environments, and is adaptable to the high contents of H2S including enhanced yield properties and high collapse options.

“TN 80EY is an important addition to our list of proprietary steel grades, offering our customers another option for their severe sour service operations, which we see a lot of in Canada. With a controlled process, the TN 80EY is manufactured with consistent properties to offer enhanced material performance with improved burst,” states Shellie Clark, Tenaris Commercial Vice President in Canada.

When developing the casing TN 80EY designers considered unique NACE Region 3 challenges, including the physical phenomenon associated with sour service environments known as Sulfide Stress Cracking (SSC) or H2S embrittlement.

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