Canada hosts first ever global expo on carbon capture

Tenaris was a sponsor and participant in the inaugural Carbon Capture Canada 2022 in Edmonton, Alberta, a major convention showcasing the potential of carbon capture utilization and storage as a key pillar of the country’s net-zero emissions strategy by 2050.

The technical team showcased Tenaris’s latest product technology for CCUS applications to help reduce CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. Tenaris products, including proprietary steel grades and TenarisHydril connections, have been extensively used in CO2 injection wells for enhanced oil recovery and in salt domes to store the compressed air to produce energy. Tenaris

The three-day event (September 20-22) drew more than 3,000 in attendance - a mix of energy industry leaders, government representatives and academia - to exchange knowledge and engage in conversations on carbon capture policy, projects, strategies, sustainable jobs, economic development, new technologies and the economics of CCUS.

Joining the discussion on day one was Jonathan Olsen, Technical Sales Manager, and Paolo Novelli, Energy Transition OCTG Director, who led a Knowledge Bar presentation titled Evaluation and Testing of Sub-zero Conditions on Premium Connection Performance.

This was followed by a panel discussion, sponsored by Tenaris, titled How Will CCUS Enable Other Pathways Essential to Decarbonization?  The presentation featured a panel of leaders from different industries and backgrounds who are developing and implementing carbon-removal technology solutions, included in this group was Shellie Clark, Commercial Vice President Canada.

Clark warned of the “oversimplification in heavy industries,” citing that “CO2 sources, even in a single production unit, are multiple and complex, CCUS cannot be seen as the only immediate solution to all emission problems.”

In her concluding comments Shellie added, “It was a great opportunity to share Tenaris’s ambition to continue reducing our level of emissions in an ongoing journey focused on minimizing the CO2 footprint of our processes worldwide, and a complete portfolio well equipped to take on the latest challenges associated with CCUS transportation and injection.”

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