Focus on life cycle assessment: Tenaris among the experts from worldsteel

Tenaris adopted the LCA methodology several years ago as a tool for transparent communication of the environmental performance of some of its products. Tenaris

Tenaris participated in the 48th meeting of the World Steel Association’s Life Cycle Assessment Expert Group, which took place last week in Italy, sharing its consolidated knowledge on environmental sustainability and analysis methodologies.

The LCA Expert Group, a strategic initiative of worldsteel, was founded in 1995 with the aim of consolidating and spreading the application of the "Life Cycle Assessment" methodology in the steel sector to quantify the environmental impact of products. Over time, the group has contributed to the development of international standards to carry out these assessments and has developed a methodology to determine the life cycle environmental impact of steel products. Based on this, worldsteel has also been collecting primary data related to steel products, supporting the enhancement of this material as a fundamental element for environmental sustainability.

“We appreciated a lot Tenaris team’s effort in bringing together LCA experts from around the world to discuss methodologies and data and the importance of good communication. This is particularly important right now given the increasing global focus on abating the CO2 emissions from the steel industry and how the emissions associated with steel products should be quantified. A global approach to this is key,” highlighted Clare Broadbent, head of sustainability at World Steel Association.

Tenaris, who also participates in the LCA Expert Group, adopted the LCA methodology several years ago as a tool for transparent communication of the environmental performance of some of its products. Regular meetings represent an important opportunity to share experiences and to be updated on and support the worldwide development of new methodological standards, new regulatory requirements or new environmental product communication initiatives.

“There are several new members in the LCA group, a signal of its strategic importance and of an increased use of this calculation methodology,” commented Silvia Tosato, Environment Manager. “Presentations also highlighted a wider diffusion of the environmental product declarations (EPDs), which Tenaris published for the first time in 2015, with the aim of proactively showing its customers the environmental characteristics of its products in order to develop a common process for quantifying and reducing the respective CO2 emissions”.

The group discussions focused on methodological topics such as the updating of the reference models for steel products, the quantification of the recycled material content and the application of the LCA analysis to new technological solutions aimed at decarbonizing the steel sector.

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