Global training programs resume in person at Tenaris

Tenaris is getting back to pre-pandemic habits with the return of its in-person global training programs, bringing colleagues from around the world together for face-to-face meetings and knowledge sharing.

A new edition of TenarisUniversity’s management development program is taking place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with 46 participants from ten different countries. The program aims to strengthen participants’ leadership and innovation capacity and optimize their strategic thinking and decision-making skills.

The agenda for the program is full of events that combine key management sessions, talks with leaders, mill visits, networking activities and team work.

“We are very excited to recover these in-presence experiences to continue investing in the development of our people, boosting both knowledge sharing and networking experiences.”

Horacio Galli, TenarisUniversity Director.

Participants of the program come from the USA, Argentina, Brazil, UK, Colombia, Italy, Dubai, Mexico, Romania and Uruguay. As diverse as their country of origin is the area in which they work, with people from commercial, engineering, IT, communications, industrial, planning, quality and supply chain among others. "I feel very grateful and honored to have been considered for this program. I'm new to this manager position and being accompanied by these training programs is very valuable for me. Also, this new face-to-face networking experience is new to me and I'm sure it will be very fruitful," said Ana Vazquez, Quality, Health, Safety and Environment manager in Mexico.

Apart from managerial programs, technical trainings are also getting back to normal. The technical sales team is meeting this week at Tenaris's Rig Direct® Academy, in Veracruz, Mexico, for a tubular running training, about premium connections. Twenty-two participants are onsite, coming from Latin America, US and Canada, Europe and Eastern Hemisphere.

To learn more about TenarisUniversity, the company’s corporate university and its development programs, click here.  

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