IT team at Tenaris optimizes energy efficiency to lower carbon footprint

Aníbal Pérez, Tenaris IT project director, and Sebastián Bordon, IT project senior manager. Tenaris

The Infrastructure Technology team at Tenaris has designed an investment plan that can reduce its CO2 emissions by 90 percent, or a savings of 1,300 tons of carbon dioxide, per year.

The team will achieve the improved performance through a combination of actions over the next five years, an investment of $2 million, that includes replacing old datacenters with more modern equipment, deploying over 15 km of fiber optics, and creating virtual versions of more than 1,700 Windows assets in IT datacenters around the company’s global operations. 

Other components include the implementation of industrial cybersecurity tools and processes and the transitioning of automation applications to new platforms, while continuing to provide training and awareness to advance the company’s strategy.

“By improving our industrial infrastructure and information availability, we are not only enhancing the reliability of our infrastructure and overall cybersecurity posture, but we are operating with greater efficiency, saving energy, reducing costs and taking step towards our overarching decarbonization targets,” says Tenaris Chief Digital and Information Officer, Alejandro Lammertyn.

The series of projects of varying size and scale support and contribute to Tenaris’s commitment to decarbonize its operations and develop products and services for use in low-carbon energy applications.

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