Pioneer reduces one thousand tons of plastic through Tenaris’s Rig Direct® Services

As part of Tenaris's mill-to-rig service model, Rig Direct®, Tenaris offers a series of initiatives to reduce its environmental footprint from start to finish. This includes no dope on threads (Dopeless® technology), no excess pipe on the rigs, and the recycling of thread protectors.

The thread protector recycle program has proven effective for Pioneer Natural Resources, Tenaris's longtime US customer. In nine months, they have generated a reduced waste of over one thousand tons of plastic.

According to Joe Polya, drilling operations superintendent for Pioneer in the Permian region, "having this type of partnership has exponential benefits for the environment and our company's use of plastics. It just shows everyone how serious we all are when it comes to practicing sustainable business models", said Polya. 

The recycling process begins at Tenaris US facilities with the reconditioning and inspection of returned thread protectors, per Texas Commission on Environmental Quality licenses procedures. In partnership with Wellbore Pipe Protection & Recycling, Tenaris has been collecting more than 60,000 used OCTG thread protectors, equivalent to 300,000 lbs. each month. Almost 90% of these protectors were qualified for reuse under ISO 9001:2015 certified inspection process.

"Our Rig Direct® model considers the environmental footprint at the center," Marcelo Barroso, Tenaris's vice president for supply chain, said. "This means that Tenaris thinks about the sustainability of our supply chain process all the way through. We do this not because it is nice to have, but because it is part of how we work."

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