Tenaris invests in its Italian steel shop to produce Super 13 Chromium grade

Tenaris’s steel shop in Dalmine, Italy, is investing nearly 29 million dollars  to expand the facility’s capabilities to produce specialty steels with a high chromium content, such as Super Chromium 13. These are martensitic stainless steels with a carbon content lower than 0.03%, which are more resistant to corrosion in environments with the presence of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide and also resistant in renewable energy enviroments such as geothermal wells. Another application for this steel is for weldable linepipes in corrosive environments.

“This is a key investment that stems from the work that the steel shop team has done over the years to expand its scope and strengthen the reliability of the process,” explains Steel Shop Senior Director Marco Arrigoni, “Our Dalmine steel plant will have the capacity to produce specialty steels that have never been produced before at the facility to develop new solutions for low carbon energy applications.”

The investment is projected to be completed by the first part of 2023 and will involve three stages of the production process, including: secondary metallurgy, that is, the refinement of the chemical composition of liquid steel; the installation of a heat treatment oven to give the bars the mechanical characteristics necessary for subsequent rolling; and finally, in the finishing area of the facility, a new sandblasting machine to smoothen the external surface of the bars will be installed as well as an inspection, control and repair station.

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