Tenaris and Indonesia’s Pertamina partner to share knowledge on CCS solutions

Tenaris and Pertamina recently hosted an innovation drilling technology talk, focusing on carbon capture & storage (CCS) in Jakarta, Indonesia. The workshop attracted around 270 participants from the national oil and gas company, connecting both online and in person.

Pertamina Hulu Energi’s VP Upstream Innovation Alpius Dwi Guntara addressed that Pertamina is developing the implementation of CCS and CCUS as one of the company’s strategies to reduce carbon emissions in two oil and gas fields namely Gundih and Sukowati. Guntara said, "in this workshop, we aimed to acquire knowledge from Tenaris about choosing the proper material and technology. Currently we are looking to find the proper materials and surface facilities that will allow us to optimize these CCS and CCUS projects."

Merry Marteighianti, Pertamina’s VP for Upstream Research and Technology Innovation explained “Pertamina is exploring the possibilities of forming long-term strategic partnerships related to carbon capture to meet energy transition targets.”

Paolo Novelli, Tenaris Energy Transition project director, and Muhammad Hamzah, Tenaris Technical Sales regional senior manager, joined the session, introducing Tenaris’s technical expertise and capabilities, and OCTG material selection for CCS wells.

At Tenaris’s R&D full-scale lab in Argentina, TenarisHydril Blue® Dopeless® premium connection in martensitic stainless steel were tested under extreme low temperatures, demonstrating its capability to maintain gas sealability even under extra low temperatures, thus confirming Tenaris product portfolio is well equipped to take on the latest challenges associated with CCUS injection wells.

Novelli underlined also Tenaris’s commitment to decarbonize targeting the reduction of carbon emissions by 30% by 2030. “CCUS (carbon capture, utilization, and storage) is key to achieving carbon neutrality. From this perspective, Tenaris is investing in developing and testing materials and premium connections suitable for the specific challenges of underground CO2 storage,” he said.

Tenaris’s strategy to achieve its 2030 medium-term targets include increased use of steel scrap, investments in energy efficiency and use of clean energy.

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