Tenaris and Microsoft form strategic partnership to drive digital value chain innovation

Tenaris and Microsoft have inked a five-year alliance to identify possible actions that will accelerate the company’s digital transformation, create greater efficiencies and synergies across its value chain, and advance its sustainability goals.

Under the Digital Transformation Alliance, Tenaris aims to fast-track its migration to the cloud environment leveraging a greater adoption of Microsoft’s Azure computing solutions for scalability, accessibility and reliability of information; develop new digital tools to enhance service to customer  using real-time data; optimize performance across its industrial footprint and supply chain through improved management and control processes that will also contribute to the company’s decarbonization strategy, and evolve and enrich employees’ experiences with digital resources. 

“We aim to most efficiently collect, organize, digest and manage the data we generate and consume across our global business network, and ensure the various applications operate in a most streamlined, connected manner,” said Alejandro Lammertyn, Tenaris Chief Digital Officer. “By doing so, we will cast a wide net in our ability to make stronger connections among our employees, our customers and as a company, and in our agility to scale accordingly.”

“The objective of this alliance is to deepen the work that we have been developing with Tenaris in order to contribute with our technology to generate a data platform that adds more intelligence to its business strategy and revolutionize Industry 4.0 together," said Fernando Lopez Iervasi, General Manager of Microsoft Argentina. "Tenaris's vision of innovation is unique, and it is an honor for us to be strategic partners and reimagine together how to enhance data, gain efficiency, optimize processes, empower employees and promote environmentally sustainable projects with a positive impact on their business and how they operate in Argentina and other countries of the world.”

Through its business partnership with Microsoft, Tenaris will be working on developing its digital capabilities to capture, map and analyze its entire value chain, to identify possible actions that will contribute to its decarbonization targets of 30% by 2030 announced in February 2021. 

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