Tenaris commercial pipes division in Italy offers customers specialized solutions for civil and industrial use

Roberto Noseda, Director of Piombino site. Tenaris

Over the years, the operational site has expanded its scope of services, offering specialized solutions to respond effectively to customer needs. Ahead of Tenaris’s participation in one of the main sector events, the Mostra Convegno Expocomfort trade-show (MCE) in Milan, June 28 – July 1, Roberto Noseda, director of Piombino site, shares insights about the facility, highlighting the key component of its growth.

What role does the Piombino operational site play?

The Piombino site is dedicated to serving the civil and industrial installations market. Both its industrial and commercial focus has pushed Piombino to a strong specialization making its positioning unique. Its production lines for coating and galvanizing pipes for the transport of water, gas and use in fire-fighting systems were designed and then improved with subsequent investments to adapt to the needs of this particular market. Piombino is strongly integrated into the Tenaris industrial system.

What are its strengths?

Piombino is a market leader in our sector with quality, full range coverage, service, and flexibility as its strengths. The production lines work in total synergy with the service center, and this makes it possible to respond effectively to our customers’ requests. Our people make the difference every day by contributing with their expertise, passion and enthusiasm to achieve our objectives.

The Piombino site is dedicated to serving the civil and industrial installations market. Tenaris

Piombino's differentiation strategy not only focuses on service, but also on product innovation. What are some target areas?

We have an active role in the sector’s development. The construction segment is in a transformation process and will be an important engine for the European economy in the coming years. Piombino’s mission focuses on bringing innovation to the market not only with new products, but also with more advanced services. At the MCE Expocomfort trade show, we will present products with high corrosion resistance paints, which will allow us to better complete our range. We look with interest at the world of plant design and prefabrication, the tendency to assemble outside the construction site areas could produce important changes in the construction chain.

As part of Tenaris's global commitment to minimize the environmental footprint of its operations, what actions has Piombino implemented?

Since 2001, we have invested 9 million euros for the reclamation of the former sludge dump of the plant, which has been converted into a green area with the presence of rare plant species and characteristics of the area and numerous fauna. We are also committed to reducing the consumption of natural resources through recovery and recycling initiatives, concepts at the basis of the circular economy and which are a well-established practice in our processes. Thanks to the recovery of scrap, we could renew the ISO14021 certification of the “Declaration of content of recycled material” for our products, which certifies a minimum content of recycled material in the finished product equal to 94%.  In addition, we’re also proceeding with the valorization on the market of ferrous sulphate (99.7% pure), a by-product of the pickling and galvanizing process, which is marketed as a flocculant in wastewater treatment plants.

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